Lean Fundamental principles such as 5S, Standard Work, Pull, Flow, Mistake Proofing help leaders and staff "see" and eliminate waste in their organizations. Lean Providers will teach, coach and develop your staff to use Lean tools to achieve their organizational and unit goals. Developing staff to problem solve and use Lean tools will give your healthcare organization the capacity to improve processes faster, with greater buy-in and sustainment.


Our Lean Healthcare Fundamentals Course includes:


  • Overview of  the lean daily management system and how it is key to creating a culture of execution and operational excellence

  • Waste, A3 Problem Solving, 5S, Standard Work, Flow, MIstake Proofing, Basics of Lean Cells

  • Learning Lean Fundamentals in a Hospital setting (on the floor)

  • Q&A and interaction with Hospital staff on Lean Fundamentals (lessons learned)



Lean Providers offers Lean Fundamentals follow on coaching in support of key organizational initiatives.


For more information about classes/workshops contact Jerry Berlanga at (254) 217-3160.






Lean Healthcare Fundamentals

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