Lean Healthcare Transformation Services


Whether your healthcare organization is just starting your Lean transformation or well into a Lean Implementation, Lean Providers can help you get to the next level. Lean Providers offers a free Lean Transformational Assessment for your organization to help map out your Lean Implementation.

Strategy Deployment (Hoshin) for Healthcare


Lean Providers teach and implement Toyota's proven method for strategy deployment to all levels of the organization. Learn and implement Hoshin methods to align strategic goals to every employee, across all sites of your organization. Learn and integrate Hoshin methods with Lean Daily Management to accelerate improvement!

Lean Leadership Development for Healthcare


Lean Transformation is directly related to Lean leadership development. Lean Providers offers specific senior level, middle management and front line level Lean leadership workshops to give your leaders the new skills needed to transform their organization.

LDM Implementation for Healthcare


LDM creates a daily cadence for improvement and establishes a culture of execution. Lean Providers will work closely with your senior level, middle management and front line leaders to implement daily problem solving huddleboards (visual management), daily leadership rounds and leader standard work.