LDM Training and Workshops


Whether your organization is looking for onsite LDM training or our UTSA LDM 2 day workshop, LDM delivers: 


  • Understand the lean daily management system and how it is key to creating a culture of execution and operational excellence

  • Understand why and how the best healthcare  organizations in the US and Canada are  implementing LDM at what it means for their patients, staff and community

  • Understand how the lean daily management system aligns and engages front line staff, middle managers and senior leadership on key target and goals daily

  • Understand and avoid the pitfalls/mistakes that many organizations make using LDM

  • Develop a working leadership huddle board (including simulated huddle and leadership round)

  • Develop a plan for your front line unit huddle boards, leader rounds and leader standard work

  • Understand how lean daily management system ties back to strategy

  • Understand the background, principles, methods, and philosophy of Lean/TPS and how it relates to healthcare












Day 1 AM:  Lean Overview & Building our Lean Healthcare Daily Management System

Day 1 AM:  Senior Leadership Huddle Board Development

Day 2 AM:  Learning to Manage Differently (simulated huddle and leadership round)

Day 2 AM:  Goal Setting the Toyota Way (Hoshin Planning)

Day 2 PM:  Deploying our Lean Healthcare Daily Management System


For more information about classes/workshops contact Jerry Berlanga at (254) 217-3160.