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Paul Rocha

Paul is a business leader with entrepreneurial drive and significant training and coaching expertise.

Paul earned his bachelor'
s degree in business and two master's degrees in management and human resources. He also has his Black Belt in LeanSix Sigma and is SAFE certified.


My ability to deliver exceptional customer and client service is a trademark of my professionalism. I possess
extensive knowledge of operations, policies, call centers, and procedures and the ability to streamline
procedures and develop policy recommendations that enhance organizational effectiveness. I consider
myself an excellent communicator because I can easily interact with and influence colleagues at all
levels of the organization to achieve goals. I pride myself on bringing a high personal
commitment to every task.


Throughout my career, there has never been a time where I have not put all
clients (employees, managers, and partners) needs first. My goal is always to have the person I am
serving gain a better understanding of how I can help them consistently and leave not only with
that knowledge but also with having been served in a way that exceeded expectations.

I am a culturally adept and inspiring mentor who successfully builds high-performing teams, whether in
a formal role or as a colleague. By learning and applying information quickly, I can contribute
significantly and almost immediately, regardless of my role in the organization.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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