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Benefits of Implementing a Lean Daily Management System

Creating a culture of excellence and execution at each layer of your organization

  • Daily 10-15 minute huddle vs. 3-4 hour weekly/monthly marathon meetings

  • Consistent proactive daily follow-thru on key priorities from leadership (daily leader rounds) versus consistent reactive daily “fire fighting”

  • 80% of improvement ideas and actions come from the front line staff vs. 80% of these ideas coming from senior leadership (engaging your front line staff)

  • Creating a more frequent “Cadence” or rhythm for improvement (daily tempo vs. monthly tempo)

Aligning senior leadership, middle management and front line staff daily on key goals

  • Front line staff knows what is most important today as well as their progress daily vs. staff unsure what their priorities are and how they are doing (anxiety)

  • Leaders "round" with staff to learn how they are progressing towards their unit goals, where the gaps are, why the gaps exist and those ideas/actions that staff are implementing and need help with

  • Leaders escalate ideas that staff need help with on a daily basis (follow-through)

  • Progress on key organizational goals not only moves faster, but also sustains over time (daily accountability)

Engaging front line staff to problem solve how to deliver better patient care daily

  • Front line staff thinking critically and creatively to solve problems within their department/unit to improve patient care daily

  • Improved employee engagement (higher morale...staff's opinions are valued and they are actively engaged in the improvement of their workplace)

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